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Fast Pass Driving Courses Blackpool
Pass your test in a matter of days, not weeks.

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With Fast Pass Driving Courses Blackpool pass your test in a matter of days, not weeks with intensive driving courses in Blackpool, UK. Tel: 0845 026 0519
We offer a full range of courses to suit all legal ages and abilities. Whether you are a complete beginner or at test standard we have a course to suit you.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driving courses make it possible for almost anyone to learn to drive and be ready for the practical test in days, rather than taking hourly lessons over a long period of time, running into months and sometimes years.

Tuition is given by highly qualified male and female DSA approved driving instructors, who are available throughout your course to answer any questions, encourage and support you.

The ultimate driving experience.

It may seem hard to believe that you can join us on day one and just a few days later go back home with your driving licence, this includes your theory test as well.

Guaranteed Driving Test Pass

All our courses absolutely guarantee that if you carry out your driving test to the exact instruction given by our instructors you will have a successful result.

Fast Pass Driving Courses Blackpool  provide tuition by highly qualified male and female DSA approved driving instructors, who are available throughout your course to answer any questions, encourage and support you. Tel: 0845 026 0519
There is no doubt the standard is high, as it should be, but the driving examiners are qualified to assess your driving to the required standard and we will help you on course to attain that standard.

We Are Theory Specialists

Currently the first time pass rate nationally for theory is only 41% but the students who take the theory test with us have an amazing 90% pass rate.

Our tutors are skilled in the new question hence our success. The theory test has changed in that there is no publication available either in disc or book form with the theory questions now available, so it is important to take the type of training we offer. Due to the high volume of tests we undertake each week we get the feedback from our students and can prepare you as much as possible for the unpredictable.

We are one of the few driving courses to offer full theory training. The driving courses we operate are all inclusive of hotel and driving training so pupils are allowed to use the theory room facilities within the hotel in the evenings after their days training.
Leave your L-plates behind by taking an intensive driving course with our Blackpool Driving School Tel: 0845 026 0519

First Time Driving Test Success Rate

We have one of the highest success rate for first time passes.

Further we book our tests on a trainer-booking schedule hence we can get tests at very short notice.

Book your Intensive Driving Course today to get on the road to driving success!

*subject to reaching the required standard by the DSA.